Ambulance Subscription

Station 26 & Station 57

  • 2017 subscription information has been mailed to residents in our response area. If you did not receive a subscription notice, please call 724-444-2220 and request one.
    You can also view the subscription information or print a subscription return card from this web page.
  • Click on "2017 Subscription Information" to view current subscription letter.
  • Click on "2017 Subscription Card" to view and print a copy of the subscription return card.
  • When completing the subscription card, be sure to enter your name and address in the white space below "Reference No." Be sure to complete the other entries on the card. If your mailing address is different from your physical address, please include both addresses.
  • Return the subscription card and your check in the correct amount to the address shown on the card.
Thank you for supporting your community ambulance!