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Station 26 & Station 57
202 West Slippery Rock Street
Chicora, PA 16025
Emergency: 911        Phone: 724-445-2220     Fax: 724-445-2167
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Ladder 26        Ladder 26

Ladder 26
75 ft quint
Built by Smeal, 1998, HME chassis

Equipped with:
75 ft aerial ladder, 1750 gpm pump, 500 gallon water tank, 1250 gpm ladder master stream, 113 ft of ground ladders, 2 ventilation saws, 2 ventilation fans, Ropes and other equipment for rope rescue, Forcible entry tools, MSA thermal imaging camera, 500 ft 5 supply hose, 500 ft 1- inch attack hose, 350 ft 2- inch attack hose, High-rise hose packs, Foam educator, Portable scene lights, Medical equipment, and 7 SCBAs.

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Rescue 26
2005 International, 4 Wheel Drive
Built by Keystone Fire Apparatus

Equipped with:
2 sets of Hurst Rescue tools, 130 Ton air bag lifting set, 6,000 psi cascade type breathing air refill system, 15,000 watt PTO generator, rescue jack stabilization system, confined space rescue and rope rescue equipment, 3 sawzalls, 2 chain saws, K-12 chop saw, cutting torches, 5 SCBA's and 6 spare bottles, BLS medical equipment and A.E.D., Haz-Mat equipment, full compliment of hand tools, air tools, and power tools, winch and rope rescue tie offs on all sides of the truck, light tower, and pole mounted flood lights, various types of jacks, come a longs, porta powers vent fan, and computer.

Engine 26- 2
MiniEvo built by HME Ahrens-Fox, 2018, Ford F550, 4 Wheel Drive
Equipped with:
Hale 1500 gpm pump, Foam Pro system and HME "MadDog" 85CFM CAFS system. The apparatus has a 400 gal water tank, and 15 gallon foam cell. It carries 400 feet of 1-3/4, 150 feet 2-1/2 and 550 feet of large diameter hose, TNT hydraulic pump with combo tool, and various hand tools. 

Engine 26-1
6 Man Cab Engine/Tanker Body Built by 4 Guys, 2013, HME SFO Chassis
Equipped with:
1500 GPM Hale Pump, 2000 Gallon Tank, 125 GPM Class A and B Foam System, Dual 25 Gallon Foam Tanks, Side and Rear Auto Tank Dumps, 2500 Gallon Port-A-Tank, 1000' of 5" Supply Hose, 500 GPM TFT BlitzForce Portable Monitor, 4 MSA SCBAs and 4 Spare Bottles, 24' Extension Ladder, Roof Ladder, Attic Ladder, Scott Thermal Imaging Camera, Chainsaw, Smoke Ejector, Portable Honda Generator, LED Scene Lighting, Engine Company Hand Tools, Medical Equipment.

Squad 26
2010 F350 Crewcab, 4X4
BLS Squad responding to medical emergencies, brush fires, service calls, traffic control, and requests for transportation of personnel
Equipped with:
100 gpm pump, 200 gal. water, state-required BLS medical equipment, hand tools, ropes, CO meter, water rescue PPE, brush fire equipment

Utility 26
2008 Polaris Ranger, on trailer, ready for immediate deployment
Brush fires, search & rescue, off-road patient evacuation, transportation of personnel
Equipped with:
Indian buckets, rakes, shovels, axes, pike poles

Retired Apparatus

Engine 26-1
Built by E-One, 1990, 4 Wheel drive
Equipped with:
1250 GPM pump, holds 750 gallons of water.

Engine 26- 2
Built by Pierce, 1997, 4 Wheel drive
Equipped with:
1250 GPM pump, 750 gallons water, Class A & B foam system. 

Tanker 26
1991 International
500 GPM pump, holds 2000 gallons of water.